Intentional spaces for the sustainably minded

Enfold is a youthful, contemporary architecture practice designing beauty and function into playful coexistence. Our small team of future-focused optimists work with you to explore the subtleties that make you feel most at home.

You know your lifestyle best. We listen carefully to your aspirations, needs and the intimate details of your routine to deliver fulfilling outcomes. Drawing on our collective knowledge and experience, we prioritise your comfort now while anticipating the possibilities of the years to come.

Our services include:
  1. Project assessment and concept design
  2. Developed design and construction estimates
  3. Resolved design and development approvals
  4. Detailed design and construction documentation
  5. Construction contract administration and post-occupancy services

Our work

We deliver personalised and innovative performance-driven solutions guided by a shared vision for a more sustainable future. Whether modest, ambitious, or a little of both, we welcome projects of all sizes.

We make optimum use of each site, maximise energy-efficiency and select materials with intention. Our design approach favours collaboration, empathy and insight to deliver a balanced response to each brief.

Curious? Us too

If our values align, let’s have our schedules do the same. Get in touch with our team to share your thoughts. This could be the start of something beautiful.


Canberra, Australia

(02) 6183 6600


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